All male survivors of sexual abuse have access to a sustainable national network of appropriate high quality support services


Always on purpose
Putting survivors first and always acting in their best interests; always seeking ways to improve their wellbeing.


Always ethical, open and honest
Acting authentically and with integrity and aspiring to the highest standards of professional practice.

Mahi tahi

Always collegial
Building meaningful relationships based on mutual value, trust and respect; and working together to achieve our ambition for the future.

Our Key Strategies and Success Measures:

1. Providing quality frameworks

Developing and implementing the national standards, policies and guidelines that credentialise and quality assure our peer support services.

Success Measure
MSA peer support services reflect international best practice and are recognised by local professional and government agencies as an effective, enabling and professional male survivor service.

2. Kia Mārire – Effectiveness with Māori

Developing the capability and capacity for working more effectively with Māori by enabling and encouraging the application of kaupapa Māori across our governance and operational platforms and our service delivery programs.

Success Measure
Feedback from Māori survivors and their whanua, Māori kaupapa services and Iwi groups confirm increasing positive engagement with Māori and regional service outcomes reflect increasing services collaboration and more effective engagement with Māori.

3. Enabling our people

Developing and implementing national education and training programs that enable and encourage our people to become skilled facilitators and communicators and confident, culturally aware and proficient peer support professionals.

Success Measure
All MSA support services are delivered by appropriately qualified and professional managers and staff and regional service review outcomes and survivor feedback attests to the proficiency and professionalism of our people.

4. Welcoming survivors

Increasing the awareness and accessibility of our survivor support services, assuring service quality and enabling and encouraging more male survivors to seek our help.

Success Measure
MSA enables an expanding national network of quality service providers that deliver appropriate, standards compliant, support services to an expanding male survivor community.

5. Sustaining our work

Building a sustainable national service, enabling our national governance and operational frameworks and assuring viability of our local service providers.

Success Measure
MSA enjoys secure national and regional funding arrangements including ongoing philanthropic support that assure the accessibility of appropriate support services for all male survivors in New Zealand.